visualizing data in a new dimension

Birgitta Foster

In 2011, Birgitta launched BIMWorkx, a consultancy that specializes in the advancement of information exchanges between Building Information Models (BIM) and Facilities Management (FM) systems for Asset Management, Building Maintenance/Operations, and Space Planning.  BIMWorkx recognizes that corporations regard effective asset information management as essential to improving their bottom line. Data drives business, and business drives data.

Birgitta has observed a dramatic rise in Facility and Asset Managers’ involvement in developing contracted data deliverables. But their biggest challenge is the affordability of integrating the newest technology platforms like BIM with existing FM applications. The most common roadblock is the cost of overcoming platform interoperability. Today, vendor proprietary “plug-ins” and middleware are providing solutions, albeit temporary. BIMWorkx views this approach as not sustainable, especially considering the exponential rate at which innovative technology applications are evolving.

BIMWorkx does see a simple, practical, and permanent solution on the horizon. And it is through openBIM standards and APIs that allow users to create pathways for exchanging files.